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wh▓o would telephone Nessim per

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and fi▓ne bindings.The receiver, crepitating slightl●

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re hi▓m.He squinted slightly and said ●with distaste ‘It is a woman fro●m Alexandria.’ I thought it must ●be Melissa b

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ut to my surprise Clea’s


v●oice suddenly swam up out of▓ the incoherence of memory: ‘I a●m speaking from the Greek hospital.Mel▓issa is here, very i


ll indeed.▓Perhaps even dying.’ Undeniably my surprise a▓nd confusion emerged as anger.● ‘But she would not let me tel●l y


ou before.She didn’t want y●ou to see her ill — so thin.But I simp▓ly must now.Can you come qu▓ickly She will see you now.?/p>

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